AOPA online workshop for creating a maintenance program

Part ML allows owners of aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of up to 2,730 kg to declare a maintenance program on their own responsibility, and to assume responsibility for deviations from the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. An individual maintenance program is created in this online workshop designed together under the direction of Malte Höltken (Aufwind) and implemented the specifications from Part-ML.

The event will take place online from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Questions during the creation can be asked directly. 

The workshop contains the following topics:

  • Introduction to maintenance programs and the legal basis.
  • Creation of a maintenance program based on prepared templates during the workshop.
  • Assistance in adhering to the minimum requirements in the event of deviations from manufacturer specifications regarding maintenance intervals.
  • Instructions for the continuous updating of maintenance programs.

AOPA online workshop for creating a maintenance program
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